Dem Joe Manchin: Kavanaugh a ‘very fine person’ with ‘all the right qualities’

By Robert Laurie

Imagine you’re a leftist Democrat. I know it’s horribly unpleasant, but don’t worry. I won’t make you do this for long. Just imagine you’re a leftist Democrat.

You just lost what you thought was a slam dunk election because your own party cheated the guy you wanted to be your presidential nominee.  A man you absolutely despise is President, and he’s all but erased the legacy of your political paragon, Barack Obama. You view the constitution as a nuisance, one SCOTUS seat has already gone go to a strict constructionist, and you’ve just watched the announcement of another SCOTUS nominee who you think will pull the court ever further toward our “outdated” founding document.

You are bound and determined to stop the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh by any means necessary.

Unfortunately, he’s pretty popular so far.  Given the likely positions of McCain, Collins, and Murkowski, there’s a good chance your efforts to “Bork” him are already doomed. To have even a remote chance of stopping his confirmation, you’ll need every single red state Democrat to tow the party line and portray Kavanaugh as an unacceptable extremist who will most likely kill us all.

So, you figure, “let’s hear what Joe Manchin has to say.”


“No, I don’t have a lean. I think he seems to be a very fine person of high moral standards, a family person who’s very involved in his community, has all the right qualities. He’s well-educated – and with that, you know, we have to just look at making sure that the rule of law and the Constitution is going to be followed, and that’s going to basically preempt anything else he does.

“Most importantly, Hop, I intend to hear from West Virginians. And during that period of time, I just announced, I’ll be hearing from West Virginians and their opinion. I think they have also a right. That’s who I work for. They’re my boss. And we want to hear from them too during this process.”

Yeeeeahhhh…. That doesn’t sound like the kind of damning fire and brimstone you were hoping to hear. In fact, that sounds an awful lot like the kind of thing someone would say if they were angling toward a “yes” vote. It’s especially disconcerting since recent polls suggest 59% of West Virginians want to see Kavanaugh confirmed, and you can be these people will make sure Manchin “hears from them.”

Manchin made his comments during a Wednesday interview, which you can hear below.  He doesn’t come straight out and offer an endorsement, but there are some hard to miss tea leaves here…

Thanks to the folks at the Free Beacon for the video.

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