Democrat complaints sounding pretty ridiculous as the good news keeps rolling in

By Herman Cain

The liberals are louder with their outrageous rhetoric and ignorant protests, but conservative and free-market principles are driving more good news, pound for pound, than the liberal noise chambers. It starts with President Trump and his administration, and ripples down through many aspects of our economic and business infrastructures.

Last week, jobs created in the month of June were 213,000, the highest June monthly number in years. The unemployment rate ticked up to 4.0, because over 600,000 people re-entered the labor force. And May job numbers were revised up from 223,000 to 244,000.

These jobs numbers are reflective of businesses adding to their payrolls, and incidentally, average wages are up over 2 percent versus last year. It may not sound like much, but it is much better than the extended period of flat wages we saw prior to the Trump administration.

The jobs numbers are also consistent with the stock market indices, which have all remained robust for over a year now. If you have an IRA, compare the value for this year versus the same time last year, and most of us will see more good news.

The Democrats in the Senate have already made plans to fight whomever President Trump nominates to the Supreme Court. That’s not good news, but it underscores their strategy of “resistance” to anybody or anything Trump, which is losing stream with logical and common-sense people. Now that’s good news!

The 2nd quarter 2018 GDP growth rate is expected to be between 3 percent and 4 percent. More good news! But you may not hear much about it out of the liberal noise chambers.

I know that some businesses are struggling because of the ever-changing dynamics of their industries, but sound fundamentals are still driving the overall economy. It’s better to be looking for that sweet spot in your business or a steady job in a strong economy, than in a weak one.

As this nation experiences more and more success, the liberal noise chambers get louder and louder. That’s what empty wagons do.

Persistence is winning. Resistance is losing.