Democrats accidentally spend the weekend trashing Obama’s immigration policy

By Robert Laurie

Republicans are monsters.  Donald Trump is a monster. Pretty much every conservative is a hateful bigot who despises the “other.”  Any and all possible actions that could – in any way – embarrass or damage the political right must be undertaken immediately.  Don’t bother to check the facts, just attack.

That’s the mantra of the left.  Reality be damned, they have a narrative to push.  If they can score a quick, cheap, political point, they’ll do just about anything.

Case in point? The following posts which shine a spotlight on the horrible atrocity known as Trump immigration policy:

Those are some mighty hot takes from Sharia law advocate and Women’s March big wig Linda Sarsour, and race-baiter extraordinaire Shaun King.

…And they were joined by none other than Obama’s favorite speechwriter Jon Favreau and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa:

I’ll say this for Sarsour and King: At least they haven’t backed away from their idiocy.  Favreau and Villaraigosa quietly deleted their posts when they learned – drum roll please –  that the article referenced in ALL of these posts was from 2014.  That’s right.  These heartbreaking scenes of American cruelty played out during the tenure of the patron saint of liberalism, President Barack Obama.

We’re sure the folks mentioned above don’t regret their error.  In fact, most of the lefties who ran with this have tried to move the goalposts and continue using it as an attack on the current administration.

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