Democrats already losing their cookies in objection to Trump’s non-existent SCOTUS nominee

Photo credit: Tim Pierce via Flickr

By Herman Cain

President Trump has not even named a SCOTUS nominee yet, and the Democrats and liberal media are in full Fear Factor mode. They want to scare people into believing that anyone he nominates will be bad for the country. Consider some of the scare tactics that have already.

We’ll start with Chuck Schumer:

“If Republicans were consistent they would wait to consider Justice Kennedy’s successor until after the midterm elections.”

That’s not scary, it’s just not true. The practice has been during presidential election years, not midterm election years. In fact, three of the current Justices were confirmed during midterm election years, according to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The Democrats are still hopeful that there will be a Democrat majority in the Senate after the November 2018 mid-term elections, so they can then force President Trump to nominate a liberal judge. Yes, there are plenty of activist judges out there. The Republicans should not wait to appease the Democrats. What have they done lately to appease Republicans? Nothing!

Elizabeth Warren took it up a notch: “Donald Trump is not king. No one makes it to the Supreme Court without going through the United States Senate.”

President Trump never claimed to be king, and you are not the queen. By the way, you get one vote out of 100 in the Senate, and he gets one vote out of one as president. I think he has a little more political leverage.

Warren also says it’s time for people to raise their voices: “Stop ripping babies out of the arms of their mothers!”

In addition to the fact that no one is doing that, what about ripping them out of the womb? It’s called abortion and you are fine with that.

Not to be outdone, Kamala Harris declared that Trump’s SCOTUS pick will mean “the complete destruction” of the Constitution.

That’s a complete lie.

Senator Harris wants a SCOTUS that will ignore the Constitution and legislate from the bench, instead of someone who will interpret the Constitution to uphold the laws. This ideological difference between Democrats and Republicans has existed for decades.

Democrats are just getting more brazen about where they want this nation to go.

Wow! Inconsistent Senate Republicans, which is not true. A president who thinks he’s king, which he does not. Ripping babies out of the arms of their mothers, which is not true. It is political hyperbole, while the border patrol is trying to enforce the immigration laws, which liberals want to ignore.

Best of all, the Democrats are already going full-bore with these scare tactics against the nominee, and we don’t even have a nominee!

That’s scarier than the junk they are trying to get the public to believe.