Deval Patrick: ‘Yeah’ I’d support impeaching Trump if Dems reclaim the House

By Robert Laurie

Deval Patrick is just one of those names that won’t go away. The former Massachusetts Governor has become a staple of the Sunday morning news shows, he appears regularly at Democratic campaign events, and he crops up in virtually every discussion of the Democrats’ 2020 and 2024 plans. He is, to put it bluntly, positioning himself as a major player in his party’s future.

Oh, and he’s all for impeaching Trump. If the Dems retake the House in November, he says “yeah” they should look at removing the current President.

When Serious Newsman Jake Tapper asked if Dems should go after an impeachment, Patrick said: “Yeah. If the grounds are there, then we should proceed, and I think there’s a lot of basis to believe that the grounds are there.”

As is par for the left-wing course, he didn’t say what those grounds were.

He went on to say that impeachment shouldn’t be their “first order of business” because stopping the GOP agenda is the real goal, but the point was already made.  If Dems win in November, there isn’t one among them who wouldn’t love to overturn the results of the last election. The “basis” will be whatever pretense they can find.

The ‘little people’ voted for the wrong person, and they have every intention of reversing your error.

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