DNC Chair Tom Perez says NY socialist Ocasio-Cortez Is ‘the future of our party’

By Robert Laurie

Last week, liberal hearts were all aflutter. 28-year-old socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, managed to push New York Congressman Joe Crowley out of a seat he’d held for a decade. Suddenly, the far-left had a candidate they could get behind. Almost overnight, Ocasio-Cortez’s name became a rallying cry against the Democrat Party elites who are now apparently too conservative for their own base.

Never mind that the party is run almost exclusively by leftist statists. That doesn’t matter, because they’re just not far left enough.

Now, DNC chair Tom Perez has become the most high-profile party official to admit what conservatives have known for years. The Democrat Party is a bastion of socialism, and proud, unapologetic, socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represent “the future of the party.”

For political watchers, there’s not much new here.  As I said before, we’ve all known this for years.  However, it is interesting to see that Democrats – particularly big-name Dems like Perez -are ditching their phony capitalist pretenses. This isn’t so much “the mask slipping” as it is a willing removal of the mask.

That means the party has made a choice regarding its internal civil war.  It’s picked the desires of its rabid, socialist, base over the desires of the working-class moderates it claims to love.

I’m tempted to argue that this strategy will only further demolish the Democrat hold on the electorate.  After all, most of the country isn’t going to vote for an openly socialist candidate.  Despite arguments that say “Bernie would have won,” socialism is still a non-starter for the vast majority of voters outside the left’s coastal strongholds.

But… Here’s the catch:

Democrats have proven themselves to be masters of playing the cultural long-game.  They know that, nationally, socialists are a no-go.  So, they’re going to elect one here or there, normalize their goals, and slowly let the idea creep into the public consciousness.

Anyone flippantly saying that supporting East Coast socialism is dooming the Democrats to obscurity may be right in the short term, but it would be unwise to dismiss the threat it poses on a longer timeline.

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