During testimony, ICE official has to teach Dem Senator Hirono that illegal immigrants do, in fact, break the law

By Robert Laurie

There are times, brief though they may be, when I think there’s hope. No, I don’t hope that one political side or the other will emerge victorious and preside over a newly enlightened land. Political fights have existed since the dawn of humanity, and they’ll be ongoing until its end. However, I do catch myself hoping that people in positions of power would at least understand the basics of the issues they’re debating.

Then, I see a clip like the one below and realize that hope is misplaced.

Watch as Mazie Hirono, a Democrat Senator from the great state of Hawaii, displays her complete ignorance of the immigration debate she’s decided to make a centerpiece of her political life.

Remember: this is a woman who has claimed that immigration detention is “very reminiscent” of FDR’s internment of law-abiding American citizens. Hirono penned a ridiculous Politico op-ed which confirmed conservative suspicions by demanding the “pathway to citizenship” include instantaneous access to federal welfare. Illegal immigration activism has become a centerpiece of her entire political life, and her Twitter feed is a morass of immigration-based attacks like:

Yet, she’s so divorced from the facts that she’s “confused” about the fact that these people have committed a crime? Sorry, not buying it.  She may not care that there has been a crime committed – and she may even support its commission – but I don’t believe she doesn’t “understand” the issue.

At least, I hope that’s not the case.

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