Elizabeth Warren inspires: You’re ‘angry and scared’ so vote Democrat!

By Robert Laurie

Earlier, I posted a clip of a CNN panel in which the network discussed the fact that Dems have nothing positive on which to run.  The party’s entire existence is built around a foamy-mouth hatred directed Donald Trump. “She” was never supposed to lose, and they honestly can’t wrap their heads around the idea that voters defied their delusions of superiority.

As the CNN braintrust correctly pointed out, Dems desperately need to run on something that isn’t their all-consuming fury about the current President.

…But it looks like Elizabeth Warren didn’t get the memo.  Fauxcahontas wants to make sure that you know you’re “angry and scared” and should vote Democrat for that reason.

Unfortunately for her, recent polling suggests that an increasing number of Americans are not “angry and scared.” In fact, it appears that – shocker – people like having jobs, and an income, and lower taxes.  Weird, right?

So, sorry, Senator.  You’re going to have to come up with something better than fear and rage. …It’s a shame that’s all you’ve got.

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