Elizabeth Warren wants to make America great again – yes really

By Robert Laurie

Once upon a time, America was a great place and we need to turn back the clock. MAGA! That’s the message from… Wait. This can’t be right. Elizabeth Warren?

Yes, everyone’s favorite New England socialist (who isn’t named Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) looked at out across our battered nation and decided that it could be great once again. It seems that greedy corporations, like the ones that have made Warren herself extremely wealthy, are sucking up all the money. Why, it’s almost as though they were capitalist entities.

Warren unleashed her latest round of class warfare rhetoric during an interview published at The Atlantic:

The pertinent quote reads as follows:

“Look at it this way: 1935 to 1980, a time when there’s much more emphasis on worker power. Union membership is going up. There’s more aggressive regulation of markets, more enforcement of antitrust laws. The Securities and Exchange Commission had just been created and was a strong cop on the beat. Glass-Steagall was strictly enforced, FDIC insurance had gone into place. And you watch: GDP goes up 1935 to 1980 and the 90 percent of America—everybody outside the top 10 percent—gets 70 percent of all new income growth….”

There was a time in America when that wealth was shared among those who helped produce it. The workers and the investors. That’s just not true today.”

Now, we could spend the rest of our lives fighting about the numbers Warren is offering.  I’m not interested in doing that. Some of them are, indeed correct, but there are a million reasons for the data she’s talking about. She’s oversimplified the economic history of this country to such a shocking degree that it would take hours and hours to explain even a fraction of it. .

The broader point is that her entire argument is exactly the type of point that Democrats say is racist, misogynist, and bigoted when it’s made by a Republican. How many times have we heard that the phrase “Make America Great Again” is a paean to white supremacy?  The very idea that we should want to return to any societal, political, or, yes, economic norms is constantly derided by the left.

Here are the questions she’d face if the media treated her the way they treat Republicans:

Senator Warren, why do you want to return to a time of discriminatory hiring practices and segregated workforces?

Senator Warren, why are you praising a time when women’s abilities were ignored, and their employed husbands kept them barefoot and pregnant in their kitchens?

Senator Warren, do you really want to go back to the days of child labor?

Senator Warren, are you honestly suggesting we should be pining for the days of unsafe factories and extreme occupational hazard?

Senator Warren, why are you so backward?

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