Everything’s racist! Obama aide Jen Psaki says Trump’s new nickname for Obama has ‘racial undertones’

By Robert Laurie

Earlier this week, Dan told you that President Trump was on Twitter bragging about highlighting his new, positive, poll numbers.  In that tweet, he also assigned former President Obama a new nickname. Please welcome to the political lexicon “Cheatin’ Obama.”

The second I saw that tweet I knew that, somewhere, there was a prominent liberal being triggered by the nickname. It seems that liberal is former Obama administration mainstay, Jen Psaki.  She was being interviewed by “Serious Newsman” Jake Tapper and Tapper brought up the new nickname.

Serious Newsman Tapper said, “I don’t know what he’s referring to with the ‘cheatin’. That’s an interesting thing to bring up during the Stormy Daniels saga, certainly. What is your response?”

Psaki replied, “Given Trump’s history, you can also guess that there might be racial undertones there. He was the founder of the birther movement. Perhaps I’m going to a very evil place with that, but I think history tells us that’s a possibility.”

“Do you think he’s saying because he’s black he cheats?” Serious Newsman Tapper wondered. “I don’t even understand what he meant anyway.”

Psaki answered, “Who knows. I don’t know. If he cheated, he shouldn’t have been president. …There’s lots of possibilities. I think without the context of his history I would never go to that. But I think that’s a possibility. I think anyone who works in politics knows beyond that one outlier. The poll tells you nothing. What you’re looking at is rolling averages. His rolling average was 38 percent. Eleven points below any other president since 1945. Next was President Clinton. It is sad that he’s grabbing that outlier poll. What it means, I don’t really know. That’s my best guess.”

In other words, accusing Obama of cheating is today’s thing-that’s-totally-racist-but-really-isn’t.

Here’s a couple of exit questions:

1: Why is this racist? Does Psaki think cheating and Obama’s skin color are somehow synonymous?  Is she trying to say that being black has some correlation to cheating?

2: Has Trump ever assigned a nickname that hasn’t turned out to be true? “Low energy Jeb” was so low energy that he renamed himself “Jeb!” to convince people he was exciting and dynamic.  Marco Rubio was, in comparison to the other candidates, “little.” As much as I like his policies, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” did get caught in a couple of fibs, “Rocketman Kim Jong Un” and “Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren” are obvious, and “Crooked Hillary?” Well, that pretty much speaks for itself.

One of the reasons I knew the “Cheatin'” label would upset the left is that Trump’s previous nicknames have stuck – and, for the most part, they’ve eventually been borne out by the facts…

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