Foster the People’s Mark Foster gives voice to how everyone should look at politics

By Dan Calabrese

Bonus for you: I’ll even let you stay and listen to the song, which is also really good.

But first you want to hear Mark Foster’s message, and before you hear it, you should know: He’s no conservative. In fact, during the primary season, Foster was all over social media talking up Bernie Sanders.

Yet as the past couple years have worn on, Foster’s messages at these shows have become increasingly focused on love between people rising above politics. Angie and I saw Foster the People at the MoPop Festival in Detroit in July 2017, and at that time he sounded a similar tone but it was pretty obvious which side he was coming down on. He went through a list of problems in the world that included “Trump” and “Brexit”, even as he elevated a message of love.

In the year since, he’s tended to drop the hints of partisanship and put his focus on the humanity of people. He’s never better than he is here:

Foster the People are a great band. I’m a big fan of theirs. I didn’t see a lot of 50-somethings at their show, but as long as they keep making the kind of music they’ve been making, they’ll have this one!

By the way, I’m sure most conservatives hear this message from Foster and think he’s admonishing the left. Maybe he is. But let me ask you: Do you need to hear this message too?

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