Gallup: Literally no one cares about the ‘Russian situation’ – but they REALLY care about immigration

By Robert Laurie

Obviously, the most important issue facing the nation is Russia.  We hear about it on every lousy news channel, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Given its prominent position on news broadcasts, it must the matter that preoccupies every American citizen during every waking moment of every single day. Right?  I mean… they wouldn’t run so much Russia stuff if it wasn’t the top priority of the viewers, would they?

They absolutely would.

According to a new Gallup poll, the “Russia situation” isn’t the most important problem facing the nation.  It’s not even in the top ten.  In fact, so few people view it as our most pressing concern that the number is too tiny to gauge.

As left-wing radio-host, columnist, and commentator David Sirota wrote on Twitter…

Since it can be hard to see in the tweet, here’s the relevant line, way down near the bottom…

What do the people care about?  Well, they don’t think leadership in Washington is particularly good. However, that’s a perennial issue that tends to vacillate by party – and shifts depending on who’s in the White House. The first big issue that should catch your eye is immigration.

In fact, a record number of people view it as the nation’s top problem:

Now, were I the kind of guy who likes to read the political tea leaves, I’d say all of this is horrific news for Democrats.  They’re desperately clinging to the Russia story as a way of propping up their message-less party. If no one cares about it, they’re in deep trouble.  As for the immigration issue, we know from other polls that the Dems are not on the popular side of the debate. Sure, their disastrous policies are popular with the base, but they don’t have much traction otherwise. Those concerned by the growing number of illegals are not looking for the abolition of ICE and a de facto open borders policy.

In short, the two things Democrats are most relying on to generate their red wave are simply not going to help them.

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