Here are three conservatives who can win in California, and deserve your support (including one who can take down Maxine Waters)

By Herman Cain

Last week I was in California to give two speeches to two different Republican groups. One was in Fresno and the other group in LaQuinta.

They were both well attended, and they both showed an unexpected level of conservative enthusiasm. That’s because we’re talking about patriots who support less government, less taxation and more individual responsibility – and are excited about the results being generated by President Trump, his administration and some Republicans in Congress.

But these same conservative patriots are fighting an uphill battle to get more conservatives elected to their local governments, state legislature, the governor’s office and Congress. They know it’s an uphill battle, but they are still running for office and fighting to reverse California’s liberal socialist ways, led by their liberal socialist governor and legislature.

Businessman John Cox, a conservative Republican, is running to defeat several liberal candidates for governor. As most of you know, liberalism in California means a socialist state protecting illegal immigrants, over-regulating and over spending its way towards total collapse. It’s called communism.

To make matters worse, California has the most ineffective voter ID laws in the nation. Voter fraud is rampant, because the liberal state officials want it that way to allow more ineligible people to vote, and keep them in office.

Omar Navarro, a young Millennial conservative patriot, is running in the 43rd congressional district Maxine Waters. Of course political pundits say it’s a long shot to beat Maxine, but that’s why I went to California and spoke at an event supporting Navarro and other Republican candidates running for office. You know I love the right long shots, because if you don’t try then you can never win.

Kimberlin Brown Pelzer is running in the 36th congressional district, challenging incumbent Democrat Raul Ruiz.

Congressman Ruiz has consistently been a Pelosi pawn. She tells him how to vote, and he does it. Kimberlin has put her acting career on “The Bold and the Beautiful” on hold to challenge this Democrat yes man.

I spent time with all three of these candidates and others, and they are solid conservative patriots and need our help. Please do what you can.

These and other Republican candidates are not sitting down and dreaming of a better yesterday in California politics, they are standing up and running for a better tomorrow in California.

It starts by dreaming of a better tomorrow.