Here’s what those anti-Trump FBI agents really think of you: You’re poor, lazy and stupid

By Robert Laurie

As Dan wrote earlier, the media is falling all over itself to present the IG Report as a document that exonerates the FBI.  If you believe the mainstream headlines, and you shouldn’t, there was simply no evidence of bias. Sure, there were some mistakes made, but nothing was bad enough to cause any legitimate concern.

As Dan also wrote, this is a complete load of manure.  The IG Report is a damning document, rife with examples of pro-Hillary, anti-Trump, bias that should chill the hearts of every American who believes in a free and open election.

Particularly telling is the following exchange.  In a series of text messages that read like a teenager weeping over the failure of a long-distance relationship, those anti-Trump FBI operatives let you know what they really think of you.

According to “FBI Employee” and “FBI Attorney 2,” Trump supporters are “Poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing.”  They are, allegedly, not debate watchers, not educated about his policies, and are morons caught up in the Trump zeitgeist.

As you read their exchange, bear in mind: These FBI employees were working on the email probe. The only reason that probe existed is because Mrs. Clinton broke the law. They’re expressing their chagrin that they might have inadvertently done something – or anything – that might have hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning. In fact, at one point they’re even trying to think of things they could have done differently to minimize the potentially negative impact of their work.

No bias, there, right?  Isn’t “I’m so stressed about what I could have done differently” an admission that they were in fact making choices based on potential political impact?

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