Here’s why the left’s anti-Kavanaugh strategy is not going to work

Screengrab via ABC News

By Herman Cain

Predictably, the Democrats in Congress and other liberals went ape-crap when President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. From an announced list of 25 candidates many months ago, the Democrats had already decided they would “fight this nomination with everything they’ve got,” as Chuck Schumer so eloquently put it.

Protests outside of the Supreme Court were ready to go even before the announcement was made. Talking points to scare people had already been sent to all of the most likely wacko voices against anybody Trump would nominate. And they played those points in their speeches consistently.

I’m not going to waste your time recounting their outrageous and nasty rhetoric. Instead, I want to give you my opinion as to why it’s a losing strategy.

People are not stupid!

I’ve said this many times before and I will keep saying it. That’s because that nasty rhetoric keeps conservatives behind Trump, and keeps independents and moderates voting Republican. It’s also causing many lifelong Democrat voters to rethink their choice.

Brandon Straka started the #walkaway movement because he discovered on his own that Democrats were using identity politics to get people to vote for Democrat candidates. Now he is being harassed by liberals, because he dared to leave the Democrat plantation. Good news! More and more people are also waking up and realizing that there really is something called manufactured and fake news.

Manufactured and fake news is the whole basis of Democrats’ and liberals’ objection to the Kavanaugh nomination. Democrats are trying to scare people into believing that one Justice of the Supreme Court can singlehandedly overturn dozes of established rulings.

It doesn’t work that way.

Someone would have to file a lawsuit, present credible arguments contrary to previous decisions, show its relevance to the Constitution, and then the SCOTUS would decide if those arguments were good enough for a new hearing. Usually, they are denied.

Democrats’ and liberals’ real fear is that the SCOTUS will tend to interpret the Constitution going forward, because of Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial history, rather than bend the Constitution toward their liberal leanings. So they create a scary narrative about changing past history.

Democrats and liberals are really more afraid of the future than they are of the past. Conservatives are simply excited about the future of a Court that operates according to the Constitution and the law, rather than seeking excuses to validate liberal policy outcomes.

We will hear this same identity crap during the Senate confirmation process. We know most of the Democrats are swallowing it, and most Republicans will not.

Let’s wait and see how many senators will vote with their brain instead of with their liberal appetites. It’s called manufactured liberal lunacy.