Important news: 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad wants to warn senators not to confirm Gina Haspel

By Dan Calabrese

Don’t laugh.

You think for a second that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be interested in his wise counsel? Why, we squandered the goodwill of the world when we took the fight to the terrorists and fought to win. That’s what Democrats have been telling us for nearly two decades.

Who better to light our path back to global respectability than this guy?

On Monday, Mr. Mohammed submitted a request to the judge overseeing pretrial hearings in that case, Army Col. James Pohl, Colonel Poteet said. While the file is not public on the commissions docket, Colonel Poteet said it consisted of an expedited motion for permission to provide the information to the committee about Ms. Haspel.

The motion, Colonel Poteet said, included an attachment, titled, “Additional Facts, Law and Argument in Support,” containing “six specific paragraphs of information” from Mr. Mohammed that his client thinks the Intelligence Committee should know. After Mr. Mohammed raised the idea, his defense lawyers agreed that the information was important, Colonel Poteet said.

“I am not able to describe the information,” he said. He added that it came from Mr. Mohammed himself, not from files turned over by the government to defense lawyers about the treatment of their client in C.I.A. custody.

It is not clear whether Colonel Pohl would rule on the motion before Ms. Haspel’s hearing on Wednesday.

Asked whether Ms. Haspel had any involvement in Mr. Mohammed’s detention or interrogation, Dean Boyd, a C.I.A. spokesman, said he was prohibited from commenting on her activities in 2003 given the sensitivity of her work. But, he said, on Monday the agency had delivered to the Senate a set of classified documents that describe her 33-year career “including her time in C.I.A.’s Counterterrorism Center in the years after 9/11.” The files are available to every senator, not just committee members, he said.

By all means, let’s hear from KSM. I want to know all the reasons the mass-murderer of nearly 3,000 people – almost all of them civilians – thinks it would be terrible for Gina Haspel to become director of the CIA. I want to hear why the man who masterminded the plan to take down the Twin Towers and force people to choose between burning to death and jumping to their deaths now finds the infliction of pain to be an objectionable thing.

Everyone needs to know this.

And then I want to hear our fine, esteemed Democrats extol the wisdom of this mass murderer and cite his words as reason Gina Haspel should not be confirmed. That would really be something. Can we make this happen today?

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