July 4, 1776: The Founding Fathers rap their way to independence

By Dan Calabrese

Whatever happened to JibJab anyway? It came into our consciousness with the amazing “This Land” parody of the Bush-Kerry race in 2004, and that prompted some of us to become big fans of their whole collection.

This actually came out a year before “This Land,” and it’s about as perfect an offering as we can give you for the Fourth of July:

Nice DJ work from John Adams, but seriously, can’t James Madison do more than stand there and do whatever it is he’s doing with his hands?

In case you’re wondering, JibJab does still exist, but it appears it’s mainly customizable eCards now. I can’t even find any of the old political satires, although you can easily find any of them on YouTube.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! As you enjoy it, marvel at the brilliance of the concept that was set in motion with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and then laid out in true detail later on in the Constitution. These amazing men conceived and created a nation out of a truly revolutionary idea, and while we do have serious problems, we remain today remarkably faithful to their vision. (OK, the people do. I’m not so sure about the political class.)

And if you never knew they rapped their way to independence, well, now you do!

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