JUST RELEASED VIDEO: Netanyahu outlines evidence of Iran’s cheating on nuclear deal

By Dan Calabrese

If you’re surprised that Iran lied, hid the truth and cheated on the nuclear deal it negotiated with Barack Obama and John Kerry in 2015, I think someone needs to explain to you that fundamentally evil people are not to be trusted.

And maybe you reflexively disbelieve Benjamin Netanyahu because you share much of the world’s reflexive hatred of Israel.

But facts are facts, and evidence is evidence. Netanyahu said he would lay it out this afternoon, and he did. Anyone who still defends the Iran nuclear deal after this is just so ideologically invested in it, it’s a waste of time to try to talk to them further.

But if you care about what’s true and what’s right, you should pay attention to this:

By the way, no one should be surprised the Iranians were able to hide this information until now. The inspection regime in the nuclear deal is toothless, and that’s by design. Every time the Iranians objected to requirements for real inspections, Kerry went to the other U.S. allies involved in negotiating the deal and advocated for what Iran wanted. He argued that it was necessary to get Iran to deal, which may have been true, but that’s exactly why the U.S. should have simply walked away.

But Obama wanted a deal, any deal, no matter how bad it was, so he could go around saying he’d gotten from Iran what no other president could get. It was always nonsense, and the Israelis said so all along.

Today Netanyahu proved that the nuclear deal did nothing to even slow down Iran’s march toward the bomb, just as many of us always said would be the case.

The other day, the leaders of France, Germany and the UK issued a joint statement urging President Trump to remain in the Iran nuclear deal. That would be insane. Netanyahu has left no further doubt.

By the way, President Trump had better understand that the same thing applies with North Korea. These people always lie and always cheat. The only way to eliminate them as a threat is to eliminate them.

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