Kamala Harris: Trump’s SCOTUS pick will mean ‘the complete destruction’ of the Constitution

By Robert Laurie

If you spent any time on the interwebs yesterday, you were treated to a left-wing meltdown the likes of which we haven’t seen since Election Night 2016.  After a brutal week of Supreme Court defeats, Democrats were rocked by the news that Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring.  The fact that Donald Trump will a get at least one more bite at the SCOTUS apple drove them into a wild fit from which they’re never likely to recover.

There are thousands of examples out there, including this audio that was recorded inside a DNC committee meeting as the news broke…

But perhaps no one summed up the progressive histrionics better than California Senator Kamala Harris. She’s the alleged left-wing wunderkind whose name is often placed atop the list of upcoming Democrat presidential contenders. Let that sink in, because it will matter when you hear what she has to say. This woman is the Dems’ big 2020/2024 hope.

According to Harris, the fact that Trump gets to nominate another Justice means none less than the complete and utter destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

So, to sum up: The Democrats’ young fresh face of the future thinks that the President’s constitutional duty of picking a Supreme Court Justice who will uphold the constitution will somehow …destroy the Constitution. That’s so ridiculous that the Chris Matthews show is probably the only place you could say it without being laughed out of the room.

Please Democrats.  Stick with the fear-mongering, the hysterical hyperbole, and the internal panic. You’re doing conservatives a tremendous service.

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