Keep fighting for positive results

Photo credit: John Jewell via Flickr

By Herman Cain

I recall from my studies of mathematics that the sum of all positive numbers and all negative numbers is zero. I suddenly realized that this is the quest of politics in hopes of tipping the balance more toward negative than positive!

Results of a tax plan that’s working, regulatory rollbacks that are working, a confirmed Supreme Court Justice who is voting conservative, challenging the illegitimacy of sanctuary cities, improved trade deals with other countries, and bringing brutal dictators to the diplomatic table for discussions are all positive developments.

Rhetoric against all of these positive developments is all negative. The positives are winning but most people do not know the truth.

A lot of people do not know the truth because the liberal media is blatantly biased toward reporting the negatives, or simply omitting reporting the facts or all of the truth. The good news is that a lot of people are seeing through the deceptive veil of the media.

The deceptive media are empowered by the deceptive and dishonest elected political voices, because the media do not challenge the garbage that rolls from their lips.

“Trump is a racist!”

No he is not, and you can take that from me, a black man who knows him.

“The tax cuts only benefit the rich!”

Really! Ask the working people who received unexpected non-government-mandated cash bonuses that Nancy Pelosi called “crumbs”.

The negative attacks on positive results are not going to stop, because the negative crowd has no options to offer the public except hatred for President Trump. It’s not a winning strategy.

Just as love ultimately wins over evil, positives ultimately win over negatives.

Keep fighting for positive results. Negative news will lose.