Ken Starr: I knew Hillary lied under oath in 1995 but couldn’t prove perjury

By Dan Calabrese

“I can’t remember.”

“I do not recall that.”

“I’m sorry but I have no recollection of that.”

Confident liars will say anything, but when they’re under oath, they often say something like the quotes above. Prosecutors know this, and they also know why the liars do it. It’s next to impossible to prove that someone does remember something he or she claims not to remember. I suppose the only way you could do it would be to trap the person with a separate line of questioning in the hope you can get the person to answer something else without realizing they couldn’t possibly know the answer to the one question without also remembering the thing they had just claimed to have forgotten.

But you probably can’t trap a Clinton with that one, because they are skilled at nothing more than lying and getting away with it – at least in a legal sense.

When Ken Starr was investigating the Whitewater affair in 1995, he deposed Hillary and asked her about many things – including the infamous Rose Law Firm billing records that Hillary claimed had disappeared without a trace – only to have them show up later in the White House residence area.

Some coincidence!

Over and over, more than 100 times, Hillary claimed not to remember when Starr asked her basic factual questions that anyone either would remember or could at least make an effort to recall. Not Hillary. Can’t remember, don’t recall, have no recollection . . .

It became so absurd that Starr considered charging her with perjury simply on the basis of how absurd and implausible her deposition answers were. The other night on Tucker Carlson’s show, Starr explained why he ultimately decided against it, and don’t think for a minute it’s because he decided he believed her. Not a chance:

I have a problem with the whole idea of the special counsel, special prosecutor, independent counsel . . . whatever you want to call it. I don’t like that Robert Mueller’s investigation has become a fishing expedition in which he’s simply searching for something – anything – to charge someone with. The truth is that Starr’s investigation took the same route. It started as a look into the Whitewater real estate debacle and ended up expanding to the Monica Lewinsky thing, the Paula Jones thing and just about any other Clinton-related corruption – and God knows there was plenty of that.

These investigations get out of control and the special prosecutors end up doing what Patrick Fitzgerald did to Scooter Libby – coming up with absurd rationales for prosecuting people so they can say their efforts were worthwhile. I am not here to defend the Starr investigation on the whole because it suffered from the same problems.

But what Ken Starr discovered in this particular indictment is worth remembering today: Hillary Clinton is a shameless liar. But also, Hillary is a terrible liar who is obviously lying, and has only mastered the art of escaping legal sanction for doing so. She has no ability to get anyone to believe her lies. Starr certainly didn’t believe them. It’s just that Hillary knew the game and she realized he couldn’t prove her so-called faulty memory was BS.

That was ultimately Hillary’s downfall. Either her lawbreaking couldn’t be proven, as was the case with Starr, or she got let off the hook by political allies like Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and James Comey.

But the voters weren’t buying it, and that’s one of the primary reasons Donald Trump is now president.

If the political class wants to express their outrage at us dumb voters for electing Trump, they should go back and consider whether trying to shove this corrupt, dishonest, awful woman down our throats was such a good idea.

The voters don’t have to prove you’re lying. They just have to know it, and with Hillary, it’s easy to know because it’s so damn obvious.

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