Linda Sarsour says MLK Jr. warned us about folks like …Chuck Schumer?

By Robert Laurie

If you like watching leftists eat their own, 2018 is shaping up to be your year. After being shafted by their own party in 2016, the election and presidency of Donald Trump has driven them into a white-hot, self-destructive, rage. That’s why we’re seeing things like the violent harassment of opponents, the dumping of Joe Crowley for a radical socialist in New York, and unhinged activists turning on the people they used to support.

Case in point is Linda Sarsour.  You know her as the Sharia apologist/proponent who organized the “women’s march” – an alleged women’s rights demonstration that was, in reality, just a catch-all for myriad far-left agendas. She comes to us today with supposed counsel from the past.

In a recent MSNBC appearance, Sarsour claimed that Martin Luther King Jr. warned us all.  …No, not about Trump, about people like Chuck Schumer.

“Dr. Martin Luther King warned us about people like Chuck Schumer.  He said it wasn’t the Ku Klux Klan and white citizen counselors who were the obstacles towards justice. It was people calling for ‘civility’ and people that were telling us when to protest and at what time and how to protest.”

Her message is in reference to Schumer’s weak-sauce “denouncement” of Maxine Waters, who’d like to see more mobs harassing people in restaurants. She follows that up with a bunch of lies about our current (and former) immigration policy.

Honestly, I don’t think the meat of Sarsour’s opinion warrants any serious discussion. She is what she is. I’m not going to get into the weeds about all the many ways she manages to lie in the clip above. All I really want to do is offer her MSNBC rant as evidence of the all-consuming civil war that’s currently being waged within the Democrat party.

Gone are the days when moderate liberals (or even staunch lefties like Schumer) could satisfy the base. Now, only the most radical, most vitriolic, and most anti-American figureheads will do. The Sarsours and Ocasio-Cortezs are currently emerging as the unmasked face of the Democratic Party.

They’re telling you who they are. Believe them.

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