Meltdown: Michigan weatherman has had it with the crappy weather

By Dan Calabrese

Now this is good stuff.

I can confirm that the way this guy’s colleagues are reacting to the long-term forecast is pretty much the way we all feel in this part of the country. If you live in the south or some other region where crappy weather is no longer hanging on like grim death mid-way through April, I am happy for you.

No I’m not. Jerk.

Gerry Frank is the weatherman at the Fox affiliate in Grand Rapids, where I lived for 20 years. My wife is visiting a friend there this weekend and she tells me they’re looking at freezing rain tomorrow. So needless to say, Frank has had enough – of the bad forecasts, and of everybody bitching about it.

Take cover:

Yeah, I get it, Gerry. You’re just the messenger.

We actually had a really nice day yesterday here in the Detroit area. It got up to 75, and some of us went for bike rides. But it was a mirage. Everyone knew 40s and rain was going to return, and it shows no signs of abating. Wouldn’t you be cranky if you were the guy who had to deliver this news day after day after day, while listening to everyone bitch about it as if you were responsible?

Global warming my ass.

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