Mikkos Trump: Washington Post comes right out and blames president for Hurricane Florence

By Dan Calabrese

This is good stuff. Some of the best.

The same paper that employs and celebrates the man whose book claims the Trump White House is in chaos and Trump is a complete dipwad . . . also wants us to believe Trump has control over the weather.

Mikkos Cassidine, call your office. Oh right, you can’t. Spencer and Scorpio took care of you. Maybe the Washington Post will sic them on Trump as well, since he’s managed to send a hurricane careening toward the east coast.

Remember, this is the same paper that self-importantly informs us “democracy dies in darkness” and chafes at any suggestion that the media should not be trusted or taken seriously. Yep. That same newspaper. Offering an editorial titled, “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.”

President Trump issued several warnings on his Twitter feed Monday, counseling those in Florence’s projected path to prepare and listen to local officials. That was good advice.

Yet when it comes to extreme weather, Mr. Trump is complicit. He plays down humans’ role in increasing the risks, and he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks. It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change. But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters.

Kevin Trenberth, a climate researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, co-wrote a May paper showing that Harvey’s cataclysmic wetness came from the unusually hot Gulf of Mexico water that fed the hurricane before it slammed into Texas. “Harvey could not have produced so much rain without human-induced climate change,” he and his colleagues concluded. Now Florence is feasting on warm Atlantic Ocean water. “The ocean is warming up systematically,” Mr. Trenberth said, explaining that, though natural variation can turn surface temperatures up or down a bit, the oceans’ energy content is inexorably rising. “It is the strongest signal of global warming,” Mr. Trenberth added.

Scientists also warn that climate change may be slowing the wind currents that guide hurricanes, making storms more sluggish and, therefore, apt to linger longer over disaster zones. Tropical cyclone movement has slowed all over the planet. Harvey’s stubborn refusal to leave the Houston area was a decisive factor in its destructiveness. Florence may behave similarly.

And human-caused sea-level rise encourages higher storm surges and fewer natural barriers between water and people.

With depressingly ironic timing, the Trump administration announced Tuesday a plan to roll back federal rules on methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is the main component in natural gas. Drillers and transporters of the fuel were supposed to be more careful about letting it waft into the atmosphere, which is nothing more than rank resource waste that also harms the environment. The Trump administration has now attacked all three pillars of President Barack Obama’s climate-change plan.

Beautiful. Trump announced plans two days ago to role back methane regulations, and thus he’s complicit in a hurricane originating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to blame Trump for his manic management style, you’ll find many nodding heads in agreement with you. If you want to criticize his policies on the merits, that’s fair and you should give it a shot. If you want to challenge him on whether the array of his policy beliefs forms anything like a coherent worldview, you’ve got much to work with.

But no, Washington Post. Not you. You choose to blame him for a hurricane. And then you’re shocked – shocked – that people don’t take establishment media like you seriously.

Democracy dies in dumbness.

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