Mitch McConnell mockingly responds to Schumer’s call for Merrick Garland SCOTUS nomination

By Robert Laurie

For years, it seemed like there was no fight that Mitch McConnell wasn’t prepared to lose. Like most conservative outlets, that meant we gave Mitch quite a bit of (well deserved) grief.

Lately, though, he seems to have taken a shine to winning. Perhaps his successful handling of the late-term Obama nomination of Merrick Garland stirred something within him. Maybe he’s just leaning in to the whole “cocaine Mitch” persona…

Whatever the reason, a quick glance at Mitch McConnell’s twitter feed will reveal a guy who suddenly seems to have a bit more chutzpah.

Today’s example is @TeamMitch’s response to Chuck Schumer’s demand that Trump re-nominate Merrick Garland to fill Anthony Kennedy’s vacancy. He responds, as I think we all did, with a gif of Michael Jordan laughing uncontrollably…

Well played, Mr. McConnell.  You (or whoever is running your feed) have our attention.  …Now get another Gorsuch on the bench ASAP.

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