Morning Joe and Mika praise Trump’s NK summit – and it kills them to do so

By Robert Laurie

Look, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t nuts about Obama’s handling of the Castros, and I’m similarly not crazy about seeing the U.S. flag brush up against North Korea’s.  Kim Jong Un is one of the planet’s greatest mass murderers, and it skeeves me out to see him shake a U.S. President’s hand.  That said, Cuba didn’t require immediate action.  North Korea probably did. Their acquisition of nuclear weapons – thanks in large part to Bill Clinton – altered the playing field dramatically.

So, while I’m skeptical of the vile North Korean regime, I’m willing to see where this goes.  Color me “cautiously optimistic.”  I’d love for this to work out, I’d love for Kim Jong Un to “see the light,” and President Trump has at least done more than any previous President in terms of making it happen.  Qualms aside, this is a net positive. So, let’s give it a chance to play out before we turn into a bunch of apoplectic doomsayers.

Even Morning Joe and Mika were forced to admit that this was a big win for Trump. Predictions of WWIII have fallen through, the missiles aren’t flying, and they’re acknowledging that Trump seems to have played this pretty well. …And it is absolutely killing them to do so.

Check out the misery contained in the following clip:

Depression, disgust, and resignation? Thy name is Joe and Mika. Have you ever seen two more dour, depressed, and bitter individuals?

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