Nancy, the yapping is not helping

By Herman Cain

Nancy Pelosi is the latest yapper about the potential meeting with North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un. She jumped right out declared President Trump’s decision to not hold the face to face meeting a win for the North Korean dictator.

Now, the possibility of a meeting is still developing.

Well! Maybe she should have pointed out that the North Koreans stopped returning the USA’s phone calls, which were for the purpose of finalizing details about the meeting. Maybe she should have considered Trump’s decision as the next move in an international diplomacy chess game, since Kim asked for the meeting and then stopped communicating.

Maybe she should remember this was the first possibility of such a meeting in decades.

Nope! She had to declare it a win for Kim Jung Un.

Will somebody please tell Nancy that this is about world peace and to shut up and stay out of the talks by making totally irresponsible statements to the “whatever you say Nancy” liberal media. She and other Democrats would love for the Trump administration to fail at this effort. We all know success is a long shot based on history, but shut up and let things unfold.

If this is another example of the resistance movement against anything Trump, then it is also anti-American and anti-world peace. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t see that, because she doesn’t want to see it that way.

Unfortunately, a lot of Democrat supporters are looking through the same distorted lens as she is. Fortunately, a lot of Democrats are leaving her plantation. We will know where they end up in November 2018.

There’s an old saying: “Loose lips sink ships”. Nancy is trying her best to do just that.