Nike really stepped in it this time

By Herman Cain

Nike chose to make Colin Kaepernick the face of its brand. Nike is now another example of elitists, liberals, progressives and Democrats being totally out of touch with real people. The drop in Nike’s publicly held stock is probably temporary. Its anti-patriotism will have a longer lasting effect.

Nike and others think they can thumb their nose at the national anthem and the flag, and not insult the patriotism of most of us. They are wrong.

I have said before that Kaepernick must not know the history of our flag and the national anthem, and now Nike is showing that it does not either. If they do, then they are spitting in the face of those who have died over the years to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

I’m not cutting Kaepernick and Nike any slack about their right to protest. They have that right, but not on the sports stage where most of us get away from political demonstrations. Take your protests and dollars back to the communities you came from, and I’m sure you will find many ways to do something constructive to improve what you think you are protesting.

Government can’t do it all, but you can do more than just kneeling.

Our flag and the national anthem are not the problems. Your misguided and uninformed perception of the United States of America through the narrow lens of the media is the problem. Unfortunately, too many people are following your misguided lead.

We will not!

Keep kneeling, and we will keep standing.