Not that you’re going to hear about it, but America got an awful lot of good news in the past week

Photo credit: John Jewell via Flickr

By Herman Cain

I can’t remember when, in over eight years of doing a radio show, I’ve had so much good news to talk about in one day.

Do you realize how many positive results this country enjoyed just in the past week?

It’s almost as if someone has figured out how to effectively govern this country. Consider:

  • North and South Korea on Friday announced that they would work to achieve a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.
  • Mike Pompeo was confirmed as Secretary of State.
  • First quarter GDP was 2.3 percent versus 0.7 percent this time last year
  • Jobless claims are at the lowest level since 1969.
  • Legislation is being developed to minimize fraud, abuse and misuse of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program / Food Stamps).
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Averages closed above 24,000 last Friday, up 15.9 percent versus a year ago.

“Wow” was all I could say to begin the show!

Of course, Democrats and liberals will not talk about any of this good news in a positive light no matter what, because none of this fits their narrative of “resist anything Trump,” and anybody Republican. Democrats don’t even try to disguise their anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and anti-American strategy anymore, because some of their supporters and voters are gullible enough to blindly follow along.

On the other hand, conservative voices (less government, less taxes, more individual responsibility) are talking about these results even though we are outnumbered in the media. And! Many people who are not severely infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome are beginning to listen and notice the good news.

Let the good news just keep on coming. I know there will be some bumps in the road, because the resistance will continue to obstruct, deceive and mislead. While they resist, we will persist.

The Resistance Movement meets the Persistence Movement.