On the heels of primary losses, hardcore leftist Alyssa Milano makes the case for voter ID

By Robert Laurie

For whatever reason, former child star turned reality-show host has emerged as a major voice on the left.  She’s a constant Trump critic, an obnoxiously vocal gun control advocate, and someone who can be counted on to support whatever the crazy left-wing cause du jour may be.  She currently has a staggering Twitter following of 3.3 Million people. So, when you say “who cares what she thinks” bear in mind: as hard as it is to believe, a lot of people do.

All of that being said, we give credit where credit is due.  We don’t care where you land on the political spectrum.  If you’re right, you’re right – and it’s finally happened. We actually agree with Alyssa Milano.

Last night, like all of us, she watched the Ohio 12 primary results roll in.  Being a staunch liberal, she was crushed to see that GOP candidate, Troy Balderson, will probably eke out a win.

Today, she’s very upset.  Clearly, this was yet another case of “The Russians” interfering in US elections.

Guess what. She’s right. This election was so close – so reliant on a razor-thin margin – that we should never again allow even the possibility of voter fraud to enter our minds.  No one should tolerate the idea that the Ruskies could generate fake protest votes in an effort to derail the ascension of duly elected liberals. We should have a strong Voter ID law that ensures every vote is cast by those who are legally empowered to do so and protects against the disenfranchisement of citizens.

We’d like to thank Alyssa Milano for embracing this rational, common sense, line of thought.

…That is what she’s doing, right?

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