Parenting tip: Don’t transport your children in dog crates

By Robert Laurie

You wouldn’t think anyone would need to say this, since it should just be common sense, but… Please. Do not use dog kennels to transport your children or grandchildren. That’s true 24/7, year-round, but it’s particularly good advice when the temperature is closing in on 100 degrees. Even under ideal conditions, it’s disgraceful that there are people who would treat a child no better than the family pet.

If you dehumanize your grandkids, you’re going to face repercussions – especially if you were unlucky enough to be filmed doing it.

As reports:

Disturbing cell phone video led to the arrest of Leimome Cheeks, who now faces two counts of child endangerment.  According to an affidavit, Cheeks drove the kids from Whitehaven to Collierville, then to Downtown Memphis in 95-degree heat.

According to an affidavit, the two kids ages 7 and 8 told investigators they were put in the kennels because they were told there was not enough room inside of the vehicle.  For more than 40 minutes, the kids rode in those kennels.

A citizen recorded cell phone video that shows Memphis grandmother Leimome Cheeks opening the trunk of her Ford Explorer and letting a child out of dog kennel. That video has now gone viral.

…During an interview with investigators, the two kids say Cheeks, their grandmother, told them to get in the kennels because there was not enough room in her vehicle.

Here’s the video:

Fortunately, everyone involved was fine. Still, this is just one of those things that makes you wonder what the heck people are thinking, and how they could possibly not know better.

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