Polls suggest trashing Trump isn’t working too well for Democrats

By Herman Cain

I’m not a big poll follower because I know they can be manipulated. But I do consider the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average to be a more reliable indicator of what’s going on.

The RCP average Trump approval rating increased slightly in June. Significantly, the spread between his approval and disapproval went from 12 points to nine points. More significantly, a Harvard-Harris poll showed that Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic voters increased by 10 points during the same time period.

These statistics indicate that the narratives of “yanking babies from their families”, “don’t enforce immigration laws” and the ignorant and impractical “abolish ICE” are not causing potential voters to pledge their votes to Democrat candidates in the November mid-terms.

I have said many times that voters are not stupid, and that obviously includes Hispanic voters. I have also said many times that I’m not hearing the Trump hate from real people as I take calls on my radio show, travel and give keynote speeches.

Informed voters are focused on results and not rhetoric, because many conservative voices continue to remind people of the results. We will continue to do that because it’s positive persistence, versus the negative resistance and rhetoric of the anti-American liberals.

Anti-American is the only way I can describe someone who wants to leave our borders unsecured, manufacture protests, suggest that Trump officials and conservatives be harassed in public, create a lawless nation by abolishing a crucial law enforcement agency and fight to defeat a Supreme Court nominee even before he or she has even been named!

I wonder if some of these liberal voices are familiar with the old school notion of falling off their rocker, if they had one in the first place.

I don’t think so.

They just jump off the cliff of civility and common sense and hope it ends well.

It doesn’t seem as if it’s working.