Real people are not stupid

By Herman Cain

As usual, when I take a few days off the Herman Cain Show and I’m traveling, people can’t resist sharing their views about politics and how the country is doing.

I want to share some unsolicited comments from real people I heard from over the course of the past week. They represent an authentic perspective, not the narrow lens of the media:

“Keep fighting the fight to counter all the liberal BS the Democrats are selling.”

“We are not a socialist country and we will never become one.” (Bellman)

“I don’t care about all the investigations of Trump, he’s getting the job done! And they have not proven a thing!”
(Restaurant service worker)

“Democrats and some Republicans care more about political power than the people. Keep draining the swamp!” (Security person).

“How do I talk to my liberal friend?” (Bartender)

My answer to that last one is . . . Don’t! Or at the very least, remind him that you don’t have to love the tree to love the fruit.

Yes, you may want to call these blue collar comments from blue collar workers, but I get the same type of comments from supposedly white collar professionals. Our jobs don’t make us different, whereas recognizing the truth makes us patriots.

When I wrote about this two months ago, I thought the outrageous crap liberals and Democrats were saying to get elected could not get any worse, but it did.

A candidate running for Congress in Massachusetts promised that if she gets elected, she will impeach Justice Clarence Thomas. Based on what? They don’t know and they don’t care. It’s a sensational distraction in hopes of getting attention in the media, and votes to win.

A social media nobody is calling for a boycott of In-N-Out Burgers, because the company donated $25,000 to the Republican Party of California. In-N-Out Burgers has done this in previous years, but because the Democrats have only nothingburgers to offer voters, some trolls want companies and individuals to stop supporting the Republican Party and constitutional causes.

And now! The head of the California Democrat Party has adopted this stupid, anti-constitutional idea of a boycott of the company for the same reason. Namely, they contributed to the California Republican Party. These people are nuts!

Add these outrageous liberal narratives to conservative censorship, abolishing ICE, and the false claim that socialism is good, and you have a growing list of outrageous narratives that the media loves to report.

But! Real people are not buying this crap. That’s good news!