VIDEO: Roseanne writer Wanda Sykes, who quit over Valerie Jarrett being called an ape, calling Donald Trump an orangutan

By Dan Calabrese

It’s OK. It’s not like it was racist.

She was probably just making a play on words in reference to the color of Trump’s skin. Because that wouldn’t be racist.

Oh wait. That’s the definition of racist.

Doesn’t matter. These things only become subjects of outrage when said outrage is useful to the left, and this won’t be:

Now I realize what the rationalization will be. Using a term like this in reference to a black person cannot be tolerated because of the historic legacy of discrimination against black people, whereas orange-skinned aristocrats have no need to be a protected class. So it’s the same, but different insofar as it’s OK. Trump is an acceptable target. Jarrett isn’t.

Or . . . we could just say that it’s extremely rude for anyone to talk about anyone else in this way.

But if Sykes wants to quit the show because she doesn’t like Roseanne using the exact same type of crude humor that Sykes herself uses, that is certainly her right. Just as it’s your right to watch this video and know how completely phony all the outrage over Roseanne’s tweet really is.

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