Russians strike out at UN: Only China, Bolivia vote for resolution condemning attack on Syria

By Dan Calabrese

They should have started the resolution with a condemnation of Israel. That would probably have gotten them at least a few more votes.

But it’s not been a good day for Russia in general. Not only did the U.S., Britain and France strike Syria in defiance of Russian warnings, and not only did the Russians offer absolutely nothing in terms of resistance or the dreaded “consequences” they had promised, but now even the most tyrant-friendly body in the world has no love for them:

The United Nations Security Council failed to adopted a Russian-drafted resolution on Saturday that would have condemned “the aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic by the U.S. and its allies in violation of international law and the U.N. Charter.

Only Russia, China and Bolivia voted in favor of the draft resolution. Eight countries voted against the draft, while four abstained. A resolution needs nine votes in favor and no vetoes by Russia, China, France, Britain or the United States to pass.

Because of the veto power of permanent members, the resolution would not have been adopted even if the Russians had gotten the nine votes. And let’s face it, a UN Security Council resolution is worth less than the paper it’s written on.

But this is still a pretty serious humiliation for Vladimir Putin, who offered a lot of bluster about what would happen to us and our allies if we took any aggressive action against his buddy Bashar Assad. No one was impressed, and now almost no one in the world is joining Putin in claiming that our action was out of bounds.

It’s not easy to be in league with a guy who used chemical weapons against his own people, especially when you, Putin, were supposedly the guy who had gotten Assad to give up said chemical weapons five years ago after Barack Obama’s infamous abandonment of his so-called red line.

So now the west has proven it can act against Assad and the Russians will do nothing. And now the rest of the world has very publicly declared that it will not back Russia’s protection of Assad.

Tell me again how Trump is Putin’s lackey? The Trump presidency is proving to be Putin’s worst nightmare.

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