Samantha Bee awarded prestigious ‘social change’ award – one day after calling Ivanka Trump a ‘C***t’

By Robert Laurie

The world has gone mad.

If you read my thoughts on Roseanne the other day, you’ll know I think ABC was well within its rights to cancel her show.  Frankly, she’s been a loose cannon since the ‘National Anthem’ days. She has a long history of 9/11 trutherism, anti-Semitic as well as anti-Christian tweets, and generally bizarre behavior.  I was honestly surprised they gave her a new show in the first place.  I was not at all surprised when it imploded.

Mind you, I’m in no way arguing there’s not a double standard. The left is allowed to say any horrible thing and emerge with careers intact.  Sometimes…well, sometimes they even get to ignore their transgressions and receive awards for being good little liberal drones.

Case in point is Samantha Bee – a woman whose network is bragging that she’ll be receiving a prestigious “social change” award from the Television Academy.  Keep in mind, this comes just a day after she called Ivanka Trump a ‘C***.’

 I’m not even going to get into a lengthy discussion of all the reasons that every decent person in America should find this disturbing.  I’m just going to leave you with one quick comment.

This is who they are.

Head on over to @THEHermanCain’s Twitter feed and take a quick glance at the comments being offered in defense of Samantha Bee’s comments. Pretty much everything you will ever need to know about the state of modern liberalism can be summed up there.

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