Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump a c*** on her show; cancellation announcement not yet forthcoming

By Dan Calabrese

Language warning, not that you haven’t heard the word or aren’t aware of it.

But I’m guessing most of you, when you watch TV, make considerably more high-class choices than this.

It’s not so much “hypocrisy” that I’m getting at here. Everyone who believes in anything good is a hypocrite to some extent. The real issue here is the transparent lack of seriousness about any standard whatsoever on the part of television executives – but the clear devotion to an agenda that’s nothing but partisan.

It’s one thing to say it’s worse to call a black person an ape than it is to call a white person an orangutan, which we dealt with yesterday. I’m not sure I agree but I understand the historical basis for the argument.

When did it become OK to call any woman what Bee calls Ivanka here? Do yourself a favor and skip to the very end; the seven-minute rant isn’t worth your time or patience:

By the way, who thinks this is a good show? She’s trying to do the same exact schtick as Jon Stewart, but she’s nowhere near as funny or engaging. You could make a case that she deserves to be canceled simply on the basis of the show sucking, ideological differences notwithstanding.

The headline is a tease, of course. Bee’s show is not going to be canceled for any reason. She could use the C word on the air – oh wait, she did! – and TBS wouldn’t care because it’s edgy and daring and her Millennial fans love it. And of course, her target is named Trump, and there are absolutely no boundaries when your target is named Trump.

Of course, you could contact TBS and tell them if Roseanne gets canceled for calling Valerie Jarrett and ape, Samantha Bee should certainly be canceled for calling Ivanka the c-word. You and I both know it’s not going to happen, but it might be entertaining to watch them try to explain away their disingenuous nonsense.

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