Socialism is bankrupt

By Herman Cain

Socialism is a philosophy that, at best, has proven to be ideologically bankrupt, having failed to produce anything close to a free-market system. At worst, it is a weapon for petty thug-tyrants to prop themselves up while strangling the nation’s economy and stomping on the rights of citizens with impunity, as has been the case in Venezuela.” – Jarred Stepman (Heritage)

Most people who are buying into the “free stuff” narrative don’t know what socialism is, or what it can do long-term. The narrative sounds good, but it has never worked in the history of mankind.

Socialism is just a tool for political pimps to take advantage of the people, and eventually drive them into extreme unemployment and poverty.

Venezuela is just the latest example. It demonstrates that when corrupt political power brokers get in power by promising free stuff and more benefits for the people, it never happens. They also promise that the rich are going to pay for all of the promises, and that never happens.

Most of the so-called rich leave the country before it’s too late, so there’s not enough people to exploit to fulfill all of the free-stuff promises.

Aspiring socialist political candidates are playing upon the ignorance of those who do not know what socialism is and what it can do to a nation. Those same candidates cannot even intelligently articulate how their promises can be achieved beyond the top-line narrative.

The good news is that most of us are not ignorant. Most of us are not representative of the narrow lens of the liberal media, which continues to present the socialist prospects as credible political possibilities.

They are not!

The media hyperbole about such candidates gives them attention grabbing headlines, without challenging the legitimacy of their claims.

Bernie Sanders and others who spew the socialist propaganda are not patriots of our system of laws, and a competitive free market environment. They believe government is smarter than the people.

That’s why socialists want to keep the people ignorant.

More good news!

Informed people outnumber the ignorant people.