Herman has long been a popular, in-demand speaker for events and keynote addresses. He charms and enlightens audiences from the business circuit to college campuses and political activists events alike.

Keynote speeches and topics can be customized to your interests and your audience, but some of his most popular topics are:

Leadership is W.A.R.:  Working on the right problems, Asking the right questions, Removing barriers
CEO of Self: You’re in charge of your life
The Politics of S.I.N.: Shifting the subject, Ignoring the facts, Name calling
Economics of Business 101: Business basics you might have forgotten about
The American Dream is alive and well! Don’t believe the naysayers, I’m proof
Stop dreaming of a better yesterday: Work on today and tomorrow

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Herman is a surefire ticket-seller, and is always a hit with every kind of audience. Let’s make it happen!