Stay classy, Hollywood: George Lopez urinates on Trump’s Walk of Fame star while cameras roll

By Dan Calabrese

I guess he doesn’t mind that you think of him as a dick.

We share this advisedly, but it’s one of those things there’s no point ignoring. It’s where the culture is, or at least it’s where a slob like Lopez thinks the culture is. I guess we’ll see if the populace at large confirms it for him. I’m sure he’ll get cheers on Twitter, because, well . . . that’s Twitter. He might mistake that for widespread acceptance.

Would it be a mistake?

Obviously a massive segment of the population is going to find it to be exactly what you and I think it is: Gross, stupid and evidence that Trump’s haters are far more deranged than Trump could ever hope to be. And in the case of George Lopez, who hasn’t been much of anything for a while now (and maybe never was), it’s a desperate attempt to use a shock gimmick to get back in the public’s consciousness and maybe into the good graces of the same boneheads who watch Samantha Bee for whatever reason.

I doubt this is really about persuading people to hate Trump. Everyone who will already does. No one else is going to think Trump got humiliated here. It’s really about proving to the world what a daredevil George Lopez is, and why you should love him and indulge his “entertainment” offerings even if you’ve never found them appealing before.

But I know there are some liberals who read this site, so you tell me: Does this help your cause?

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