Swamp-friendly ‘The Hill’ tells how Fusion GPS pushed Russia investigation with uncorroborated claims

By Dan Calabrese

The most notable thing here is obviously the details themselves. They’re absolutely devastating to the Obama DOJ and Trump/Russia collusion narrative.

The upshot is that, after Trump won the election, Hillary’s bought-and-paid-for smear merchants approached the Obama Justice Department and urged them to turn the political smear campaign that had failed into an official FBI investigation. Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson met with the DOJ’s Bruce Ohr (whose wife not-so-coincidentally worked for Fusion GPS) and fed him everything he had. Almost all of it was so thin and uncorroborated that it would have been laughed out of town if this was really about the law or counterintelligence.

But because it was about politics, the outgoing Obama DOJ jumped on it. What we now know about what Simpson gave Ohr paints a picture of an action impossible to justify, which brings us to the other notable thing going on here:

The swamp-friendly publication The Hill is telling the story, which means even the Beltway media is starting to realize it can’t pretend nothing is wrong here:

I shared the Ohr notes I obtained to career intelligence professionals with scores of years of experience analyzing data, sorting the reliable from the garbage.

All had the same reaction: The information, on face value, has the lowest level of credibility. It was second- or third-hand, they noted, and couched with lots of caveats like “may,” “possibly,” and “others disagree.”

The alleged Simpson statement that he went to the media as a “Hail Mary” stood out to those professionals as an act of desperation that they would see as weighing against the motives of an intelligence source.

A couple of the experts flagged that most of what Simpson allegedly told Ohr was not from Moscow — where the alleged plot was supposed to be based — but from a reported Russian in the United States who later seemed to disappear, according to Ohr’s notes.

“First thing I’m wondering is whether that Russian was part of a ‘kompromat’ operation to further roil the U.S. election rather than a whistleblower,” one of the experts opined.

And all wondered why a Justice official — Ohr — who was not in the chain of command in the Russia counterintelligence probe, and whose wife worked for Fusion GPS on the Trump project, interviewed Simpson at all.

The Ohr interview and many other now-public actions in the Russia collusion case are “breaking every protocol at the fundamental level of intelligence gathering,” one highly decorated intelligence professional told me.

Keep in mind, all this happened after the election, and after the FBI had obtained a wiretap warrant against Carter Page using the fraudulent Steele dossier as its primary justification.

That means Simpson and Steele were pushing this disinformation on multiple fronts, both before the election to try to keep Trump from winning, and after Trump did win in order to undermine his presidency.

In all likelihood, Simpson never gets a meeting with anyone from the DOJ if it’s not someone married to one of his employees. And under normal circumstances, the DOJ doesn’t take seriously such uncorroborated innuendo peppered with words like “may have” and “could be.”

But under normal circumstances the National Security Adviser and the UN ambassador don’t unmask the names of Americans caught up in wiretaps not targeting them, but during this time frame they did. Why? Because the outgoing Obama Administration was looking for any way it could to poison the water for the incoming Trump Administration.

So you’ve got the National Security Adviser, the UN ambassador and the FBI all engaging in this behavior? Hmm. What’s the one common thread? They all work for the same guy: Barack Obama.

So whose idea was all this?

What do you think?

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