Media Bias

VIDEO: Jim Acosta makes demand of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, gets his head handed to him

By Dan Calabrese This is one of the media’s most obnoxious games, so it’s only natural that their most obnoxious member would be the one playing it here. I don’t need to tell you that

Socialism Kills

$32 Trillion – ‘That’s trillion with a T.’ – The Associated Press notices how expensive single payer would be

By Robert Laurie Socialism. Embracing it is America’s hot new left-wing trend.  Most people aren’t dumb enough to buy in, but it does have a foothold on the coasts.  Despite the abject unworkability of their

Christians and Trump

Why Christians who voted for Trump aren’t moved by the latest salacious stories

By Dan Calabrese The way I often hear it is this: “If any other president paid hush money to a porn star, Christians would be horrified. But with Donald Trump, they excuse it and don’t


VIDEO: Give money to Planned Parenthood and ‘protect our freedom to f***’

By Dan Calabrese Planned Parenthood has rarely – possibly never – done anything good. But it’s helpful when awful people slip up and admit truths we’ve long suspected. It’s been apparent to us for a

Real People

What I heard on vacation from real people is nothing like what you hear on the news

By Herman Cain We just returned from a week of vacation. We encountered dozens of people who were complimentary of conservative (fewer taxes, less government, more individual responsibility) points of view expressed on my radio

Media Bias

How the media lies to you with headlines like ‘Trump urges turning away immigrants’

By Dan Calabrese What does Donald Trump think about foreigners who want to immigrate to this country? He hates them, right? He thinks they’re dirty, smelly, lazy lawbreakers and he doesn’t want them here. That’s


VIDEO: Chris Pratt tells crowd at MTV Awards that God is real and they should learn to pray (and they cheered)

By Dan Calabrese I do have one quibble here: He tells them grace is a free gift that was paid for with someone else’s blood, but he doesn’t name the someone else. Kind of a


Facebook: Diamond and Silk not dangerous; good, now what about the rest of us?

By Robert Laurie You can rest, now. You’re safe. The days, weeks, and months of terror are at an end. Diamond & Silk, those dastardly black Trump supporters, are “not dangerous.” This is according to


The left wants their country to fail – as long as Trump takes the blame

By Robert Laurie Long time readers will know that I’ve often written of my belief that there’s absolutely nothing the left won’t sacrifice if it serves their broader agenda.  In the blink of an eye,

American Black Conservatives

THIS is the pro-Trump video you big dummies need to see!

By Robert Laurie Quincy Jones has no love for President Donald Trump, though he does claim to have dated First Daughter Ivanka.  So, I have no idea what he thinks of this Pro-Trump take on