Facebook: Diamond and Silk not dangerous; good, now what about the rest of us?

By Robert Laurie You can rest, now. You’re safe. The days, weeks, and months of terror are at an end. Diamond & Silk, those dastardly black Trump supporters, are “not dangerous.” This is according to

American Black Conservatives

THIS is the pro-Trump video you big dummies need to see!

By Robert Laurie Quincy Jones has no love for President Donald Trump, though he does claim to have dated First Daughter Ivanka.  So, I have no idea what he thinks of this Pro-Trump take on

Kanye West

Kanye says ‘slavery for 400 years, that feels like a choice’; here’s why he’s right

By Herman Cain Kanye West doesn’t need me to defend him. He’s a big man and he’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself. But I want to amplify and illuminate some of his words

FBI Corruption

Comey: I didn’t tell Trump that Hillary paid for the dossier because it ‘wasn’t necessary for my goal’

By Robert Laurie So, according to the left, President Trump was obsessed with the infamous video that the Russians supposedly had, he was demanding Comey investigate “the dossier,” and Comey was allegedly complying. You would


Would someone be stupid enough to call the cops on this woman? It’s Twitter, so . . .

By Dan Calabrese Of course someone would, and did. You’ll be glad to know the result of the call was exactly what you’d expect, since there’s absolutely nothing illegal or otherwise wrong with Brenna Spencer


When are you going to stand up for the majority!? Great video of gun owner goes viral after he tears into his city council and gun control advocates

By Robert Laurie I don’t have much to add to the following video except to say: “I bet the average law-abiding gun owner has said this a thousand times around their dinner table.” Also, I’d


What the resurrection of Jesus Christ really accomplished . . . for you and for everyone

By Dan Calabrese Every Easter Sunday you see a lot of “He Is Risen!” all across the Internet, and you’d almost think people have the idea that it happens once a year – like the



By Robert Laurie                                                                 

Dan's Life of Crime

So the police detained me on suspicion of bank robbery

By Dan Calabrese Yesterday around noon, someone in my city robbed a bank. It happened at the TCF Bank branch at 12 Mile and Crooks (yeah, I love that too) here in Royal Oak –