That’s about enough of Maxine Waters’s race-baiting nonsense

By Herman Cain

Whenever black Democrats do not have a factual or credible argument to claim racism, they just go ahead and claim it anyway. This happened recently on the floor of the House of Representatives, during an exchange between U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pennsylvania), and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California).

Kelly was defending the automobile industry, of which he is a part through his family business ties. Waters was claiming his industry was guilty of racist practices. This is typical of black Democrats who have no credible information. They know they are unlikely to be challenged because white people find it uncomfortable to disagree with blacks claiming racism.

Well! I’m not white, and I’m not uncomfortable!

When she realized she had no credible evidence, she does what liberals do. She shifted the subject to attack President Trump. Remember, she has repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump, without offering any shred of evidence to back up her call, apart from the simple fact that she does not like him being president.

Maxine! Get over it! No matter how much you and other liberals talk about the popular vote that Hillary supposedly won, the Constitution doesn’t provide for that to make her president. Oh, I forgot! You and your ilk do not care about the Constitution. You just want to have it your way, even if it has no constitutional or factual basis.

Maxine Waters is in her 28th year as a congresswoman for the 43rd District of California, after serving 14 years in California’s state assembly. I think a total of 42 years in politics would classify her as a career politician. This means she is skilled at political messaging, even if it is not true. And if that doesn’t work, then she and others play the race card.

Rep. Kelly, you are just the latest to be attacked by her divisive racist rhetoric. This is a tactic she has used to lull her constituents to sleep, and away from substantive issues and facts, while she uses it to get media attention and get re-elected.

Not all black people believe Maxine Waters’s divisive racist crap, and I’m one who does not. So Rep. Kelly, be strong and keep speaking out!