The two reasons Nancy Pelosi, for all her insanity, is not sent packing by her party

By Herman Cain

First, Nancy Pelosi called employee bonuses resulting from the Trump tax cuts “crumbs”. Now she claims that record low unemployment is meaningless.

Meaningless! Ask the person who is proud to now have a job. Nancy Pelosi does not know it, but some people would rather have the dignity of a job than more dependency on the government.

But yet she overwhelmingly won the number one spot in the primary for her congressional district, which is mostly San Francisco. In addition, if she wins her congressional seat in November, she plans to run for leader of her party in the House, and she hopes that will once again make her Speaker of the House.

Thankfully, that possibility is not looking good.

When the elected Democrats held a strategy meeting several months ago, they concluded that their strategy would be “resist, resist, resist” anything and anybody Trump, no matter how impressive the results of his policies are. The Democrats are doing just that, and their liberal media allies are following suit like a bunch of new born baby ducks.

People often ask me, how can people keep electing her with her blatant anti-Trump narrative? The answer is two-fold.

In Congress, she has a large financial war chest, which is a result of being in Congress since dirt! She can contribute large amounts of money to Democrat congressional candidates in tight political races, or just let them loose by themselves, without enough campaign cash to operate. She can buy people’s loyalty, and she does.

As for the voters who keep sending her back to Congress every two years, they also believe in communism (more government, more taxes and more dependency on government programs that keep you poor). That and her voters suffer from the same mental disorder that she does, which is Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Not all millionaires are snobbish. Some of them have very giving and compassionate attitudes towards those who are not looking for a handout, but need a helping hand. Nancy is not one of those millionaires, and maybe a lot of her supporters are not either.

Nancy may represent the voters in her congressional district, but she does not represent the United States of America.

Thank God!