The young fresh face of the Democratic-socialist party has no idea what she’s talking about re: Israel

By Robert Laurie

I’m willing to bet it went something like this:  A 20-year-old college socialist heard the phrase “Israeli occupation of Palestine” over and over again.  As her political views solidified, and she made her meteoric rise through the ranks of the now-socialist New York Democratic Party, she realized that the radical base loves to hear people say it.

Now, she’s 28 and has managed to dethrone one of her party’s former stalwarts – a man who was headed for big things nationally. She’s well aware that the pressure is on to produce.  She never took the time to look too deeply into the Palestinian issue, so she doesn’t know much about it beyond a few key talking points. Still, she’s learned that trashing Israel is a great way to pander to her supporters.

So, during a recent interview, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to trot out the saying she’d been hearing for so long.

It… didn’t go well.

Oof. Here’s a quick bit of advice for similarly-intentioned progressive hopefuls. If you’re going to smear an American ally, at least know the details of the smear you’re trying to employ.

Someone will expect you to explain yourself and, though your arguments still won’t be successful, at least you won’t end up sounding like this:

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