There was nothing offensive about Michelle Wolf’s WHCD comedy routine . . . unless you’re offended by unfunniness

By Dan Calabrese

If you are one of those people who sat down and watched the White House Correspondents Dinner – and didn’t have to – I don’t know about you. If you’re one of those self-styled political junkies, or you’re “fascinated by this stuff” or whatever, I suggest you step back and reassess your life.

President Trump was here in the Detroit area last night, wisely choosing not to subject himself to this dreck. It’s a cabal of miserable, humorless people gathering for one night and allegedly indulging in “jokes” in order to advance the fiction that they are not miserable, humorless people.

The problem with that proposition is Michelle Wolf and her standup routine.

You may have seen headlines today that Wolf is being criticized for her routine – because it was “offensive” or “controversial” or “one-sided” or whatever.

No. There was nothing Wolf said that anyone should consider beyond the pale given the tenor of our times. It was mean and catty and pointless, but so is the daily work of those who gathered to hear her. That did not make Wolf’s routine remarkable.

The problem with Wolf’s routine is that it can not even remotely be called funny. Don’t take my word for it. Take hers:

Supposedly many who were there felt “awkward” and “uncomfortable” as Wolf went through her act, particularly when she let loose the mindless assault on Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a “woman who disappoints other women.” Believe it or not, many of the Beltway media have developed a certain respect for Sanders for having to put up with them (although not enough to stop the behavior she has to put up with).

But it’s the D.C. press corps that runs this event, and they were the ones who chose Michelle Wolf as their entertainment. Presumably they had seen her act in other venues.

They thought this woman was funny? Why?

Because they don’t know what funny is, because they’re miserable, humorless people. Because there is no joy in their lives.

Spending 19 minutes making jokes about the political world is a guaranteed failure, because the people in the political world and the things they do are not funny. They’re plastic, contrived, branded and field-tested. They have no souls and no spiritual core. They are the least funny subject matter on the face of the Earth, which is why it’s beyond absurd that they gather together once a year to allegedly poke fun at themselves. You can’t really laugh at yourself when you’re convinced you’re the most important people on Earth, and that what you do is deathly serious with life as we know it hanging in the balance.

So you book Michelle Wolf, because she can’t tell a joke.

These people live in a fantasy world, from which they presume to tell the rest of us how it is. That painful 19 minutes you just watched tell you how they think it is. That’s why we no longer listen to them.

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