There’s no defending the tweet, but I suspect ABC had another motive in cancelling Roseanne

By Herman Cain

It’s really not too hard to figure out, is it?

When ABC brought back Roseanne, it was following a recent trend of lots of old TV shows being brought back. We’ve already seen revivals of Will and Grace, Dallas, Murphy Brown, Twin Peaks, Full House, Arrested Development and who knows how many others?

ABC probably figured it was a reasonably safe bet to bring back Roseanne. They probably didn’t think it would be the top-rated sitcom on television and a huge money maker. They probably also didn’t think it would be so overtly pro-Trump.

So a network whose own news coverage of Trump is 91 percent negative is airing a sitcom that loves the guy, but it’s hard to cancel it when it’s Number 1.

Until Roseanne gives you an excuse. This was what we talked about when I appeared with Trish Regan on Neil Cavuto’s show:

ABC didn’t fire Joy Behar when she said Christians who believe they hear from Jesus are mentally ill. And she said it on the air. It’s fine with me that they didn’t fire her. I don’t think everyone who says something obnoxious needs to lose their job over it.

But clearly, you’re less likely to be ousted at ABC if the obnoxious thing you say is aimed at people ABC doesn’t care to defend. Christians don’t have standing at ABC, and Donald Trump supporters definitely don’t have standing.

You don’t have to defend Roseanne’s awful tweet to see something’s not quite right here.