Threatened with impeachment, FBI Director Wray hands over Russia probe memo to Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy

By Dan Calabrese

We don’t yet know what Nunes and Gowdy discovered by reading the memo, but we do know that Christopher Wray coughed it up quickly – and largely unredacted – after Nunes went on Laura Ingraham’s show last night and vowed to pursue impeachment against Wray if he didn’t turn it over.

At issue was a chain of e-mails – known as EC (or Electronic Communication) – in which key FBI figures discussed the origins of the Russia/collusion probe. This document has been under congressional subpoeana since August 2017, yet it wasn’t until February that members of the House Intelligence Committee were allowed to even see the documents because the FBI continued to stonewall the request. And even then, they were only allowed to read the documents, not keep copies, and what they were allowed to see was so heavily redacted as to be virtually useless to the committee members.

Nunes continued to demand access to the full, unredacted memo, and the FBI continued to stonewall – until Nunes upped the ante last night, and got results:

Understand, this was not some meddling request by a bunch of partisan Republicans. This was a legally enforceable subpoena from the congressional committee that has constitutional oversight authority over the FBI. Every member of the committee has top-level security clearance. The existence of classified information in the memo in no way justifies the FBI stonewall, yet it went on for months while the mainstream media yawned.

Once we hear from Nunes and Gowdy about what they’ve seen, we’ll have a sense of whether there’s further FBI impropriety to look into concerning the Russia probe, how it started and whether it was based from the start on falsehoods and innuendo like the Steele dossier.

The worst-case scenario is that the FBI always knew the Russia story was garbage, but chased after the notion anyway as a strategy to destroy the candidacy – and now presidency – of Donald Trump. Isn’t that the sort of thing Peter Strzok was hinting at in his texts with his mistress? By the way, that same Peter Strzok was a major contributor to the communication chain Nunes and Gowdy finally got to read last night.

Stay tuned. This is not going away.

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