Totally moderate Gazan brags about flying swastikas on firebomb kites, says they ‘want to burn’ Jews

By Robert Laurie

Because violent, rioting, Gazans are so incredibly moderate, the American media has decided to turn them into folk heroes.  Their armed attacks have been presented as “protests” that employ “only small weapons” and they’ve been exploited in the effort to blame Israel, Trump, and Conservatives for …pretty much everything.

The sad fact is that outrage over the recently opened U.S Embassy in Jerusalem is just a pretense.  There’s nothing new here. They despise the Jews, the West, and the very existence of Israel.  I don’t know why anyone would ever need evidence of that but, in case you do, here’s a Gazan being interviewed by NPR.  He’s part of a totally moderate group that’s been releasing swastika-adorned firebomb-kites over the Israeli border.

According to him, this is done because “The Jews go crazy for Hitler when they see it.”  Also, when it’s pointed out that such intensely moderate behavior is “used” to discredit his movement and show that he’s “bad people,” he makes it clear that he doesn’t care. “This is actually what we want them to know, that we want to burn them.”

Here’s the interview in question, via The Free Beacon.

Thanks NPR, for letting us know that this moderate voice is just “one of the many views” you’ve heard. We’re sure you’ll find an extremist eventually.

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