Trump agrees with audience member: Repealing the 2nd Amendment is tyranny

By Robert Laurie
Democrats want the 2nd Amendment gone.  The elimination of your right to bear arms has been at or near the top of their agenda for years.  For a long time, they danced around it.  They’d pretend they were big 2A supporters, pay lip service to “tradition,” and film a few campaign ads where they went duck hunting in a khaki vest and a plaid hat.  It was all a lie.  The truth has always been that they can’t wait for the day when you no longer have the right to defend yourself.

These days, obviously, they’re getting a bit bolder.

No longer content with their stealth campaign to eliminate the 2A, they’ve stepped up their game.  Media talking heads will still trot out the “no one wants to take your guns” line, but it’s a farce.  We all know exactly what they want, so Democrats have decided to wage open war against the Bill of Rights.

Earlier this week, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens caused a stir with an op-ed calling for the obliteration of your 2nd Amendment rights.  That was followed by a slew of bootlicking op-eds, and was even re-tweeted by the Democratic Party Chair of Louisiana, Karen Carter Peterson:

…So the idea of eliminating the 2nd has officially gone mainstream.

Fortunately, even if liberals had the ability to push for a repeal (and for a variety of reasons they don’t), it seems we have a President who’s ready to lead the counter-attack.

During a speech yesterday, President Trump brought up the left’s desire to repeal the 2nd Amendment. An audience member shouted that such a plan was “tyranny.”

Here’s the President’s response:

Remember: if Hillary had managed to drag herself across the finish line, Antonin Scalia’s replacement would, without question, have been anti-gun.  It’s possible that Ruth Bader Ginsberg might have retired, and her replacement could have been someone like Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder.  Had things gone according to the Democrat plan, your individual right to bear arms would probably already be gone.

So, whatever your opinion of Trump, keep in mind that – if nothing else – he’s served as a firewall that has protected the Bill of Rights in its current form.

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